Christmas Progress

The tree is up!   After my little meltdown last week, I was bound and determined that if I did nothing else this weekend, I would get us a tree.  I know Mason won’t remember but I will. 

This is the first year in a while I’ve gone with red.  The last five years have been silver and turquoise.  We just needed something different this year.  See that adorable little silhouette ornament?  It was a gift for Matt.  I sent in a photo to Le Papier Studio and they made this custom ornament with Mason’s silhouette.

I can’t find our topper, though.  Hmm….

And I did get the Target glitter village.  Love it!  I gotta move that lamp though.  It’s not that orange in real life but it doesn’t look good there, now that I see it in a photo.  My Aunt Sandy gave me the vintage Christmas sheet music on the piano when we visited her in Florida last week.

And my favorite little deer.


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