Recipe for Getting Well

We’re back and somewhat in the land of the living.  That was one of the worst colds I’ve ever had.  The worst part was that all three of us were sick.  Enough about that, though.  I’m stir-crazy and ready to get back to it {although I must say that holding down the couch for 5 days straight was good for me and meant lots of quality time with Matt, Mason and Bruno — in between wiping runny noses}. 


Top 5 favorite things when I’m sick:

#1:  Honey Lemon Ginger Tea

Just like it sounds:  steep chopped fresh ginger, a couple slices of lemon and honey in boiling water.  I drank probably 20 cups of this.  It also cleans the garbage disposal nicely.

from here


#2:  Metropolitan Market Soup

We ate so much good soup from Met Market:  chicken with wild rice, chicken noodle, pumpkin.  With good bread.  Who says you have to eat canned crap when you’re sick?


#3:  Netflix

Not just Netflix but we were able to watch the “Play Instantly” movies in our Netflix queue on our TV thanks to our new Blu-Ray player, which is connected to our wireless internet.  Geeky and wonderful.  We started Heroes and watched a couple good movies.  We also finished two discs of Mad Men {can’t get enough – we’re almost caught up}!

from here


#4:  Neti pot

I won’t disgust you with photos but I highly recommend the neti pot or a similar nasal cleansing system.  Apparently it has its roots in Ayurvedic/yoga therapy but I think it’s pretty mainstream now.  Oprah’s Dr. Oz does it.  Read more here.  It works wonders even though some times it feels like you snorted a pool.


#5:  Vicks Vaporizer

Mason’s poor little nose.  And it just smells nice to have the eucalyptus oil steaming.  I stupidly bought a cool mist one last year that you can’t put oil in so we had to get a new one.  Absolutely worth it though.


Also … I realize I’ve been sick for almost a week, but how is it the middle of November already?


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