7 months!

With Papa Doug…

Baby Mason is no longer an infant, that is for sure.  You are a talker, drooler and laugher with ticklish feet and two little teeth.  You said your first word {mama!} and pull your legs up like you want to crawl. 

The highlights of our day with you:

You always reward us for coming into your room in the morning with a big smile.  You still like to sleep in with us on the weekends.  You love to watch and pet Bruno.  When people stop to meet you in stores, you always smile at them.  You say ‘num, num, num’ when you eat your sweet potatoes or pears.  You love to kick your feet and splash in the bathtub.  You start to rub your eyes and snuggle while we sing you “Stay Awake” from Mary Poppins, then you {almost} immediately fall asleep.  Whenever we open the door to get your carseat out of the car, you smile like you didn’t realize we were in the car the whole time.  You roll and wiggle and stretch until you can reach your toys.  You smell good and your skin is super soft.


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