Bedroom Lighting

Problem: We need a new ceiling light fixture in our bedroom.

{our current beauty – I think the dead flies and burned out bulb just add to her classiness}


#1:  7-1/2 foot ceilings {we basically can’t have a light fixture longer than 13″ in height}

#2:  expensive taste, limited budget

#3:  inability to make. a. freaking. decision. {ongoing problem, no solution in sight}

What I like that would fit:


Or black, which was my first choice. chandelier – only $2.95 for shipping on ANYTHING!  I think I could figure out how to put a drum shade over this and just make it look like the one above.

simple, pretty, not too boring … found here

chase ceiling mount — it’s not quite as glammy as I want. looks a little hallway-ish.

Hello!  Do I like this one only because Halloween is coming up?  I do like it. A lot.  But would it look plastic-y?


Check out these *on-sale* beauties from Pottery Barn Teen {of all places}:

PB Teen Chalet Chandelier – $49.99!  Not for the bedroom but could be awesome elsewhere.

Or you could just go on Craigslist, find a similar one like this dude for $20 and spray paint it yellow.

PB Teen Glass Bead Chandelier – $179

This is a pretty close knock-off of one of my dream light fixtures:

Not quite the same, but for $6,721 less {yes, the turquoise one is $6,900}, I think I could handle me some PB Teen.


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