The other day, Matt asked me how I plan to redecorate our bedroom.  I took that to mean I have his full permission to do whatever I want and what I want is this.

Shared bedrooms are tough.  Can’t go too frou-frou.  Instead of the all-crystal chandelier in the room with the green headboard, I’d go with something like this black pendant with a chandelier under it.

I’m thinking mirrored nightstands, too. Pier One has one.  Probably will get covered with fingerprints.

The big question mark {and biggest necessity right now} is the dresser.  We have a hand-me-down from Grandma June.  Clothes are literally popping out of the drawers because it’s overstuffed.  It’s almost cartoonish.  And {big surprise} I’m really picky.  I don’t want anything too big that would overpower our room BUT we need something with a lot of storage.

pottery barn

crate & barrel – 10 drawers woohoo!

wisteria – possibly not enough room

another one from wisteria — again, might overwhelm our little bedroom with all the detail. oh, and it’s a painful $3,299.


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