Wedding: Pink & Black

I helped mom with wedding flowers this weekend {and by helped I mean that I went and got sodas for everyone and cut flower stems … I’m not very good at arranging — leave that to the experts}.

Doesn’t she look gorgeous? 

Bride’s bouquet with with roses, freesia, pink hydrangea, stephanotis, dahlias and a single gorgeous gardenia.

Bridesmaids bouquets and centerpieces of dahlias, roses and pink hydrangea.

Centerpieces of stargazer lilies, dahlias, roses and astromeria.

My hot glue gun skills were put to use for this wedding:  I glued the hot pink beads/ribbon on the flower girl’s moss purse.  Mom made the wreath.

Alyssa, Kris and Val take a break from flowers to drink tequila and lemonade.  No sharp objects allowed after this!


2 thoughts on “Wedding: Pink & Black

    I am getting married on April 30th, 10 days from now and I am sort of mirroring your wedding exactly. I have done tons of research and once I came upon your wedding pictures my research stopped! I loved your tables, your color theme, everything!
    Thank you for posting these pictures because your wedding was truly inspriational!

    • Yay! Congrats! I wish I could claim the wedding but it was a wedding my mom did the flowers for. I just tagged along for the ride! It was a super gorgeous wedding, though. Isn’t the bride stunning?

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