Top 10 Baby Items

Having a baby means lots of stuff.  It’s hard to predict what you will need but many friends and family members have passed along some real gems.  Here’s what we’ve gotten the most use out of so far:

1.  Pack N Play:  Mason naps in it now and I imagine will be playing in it for a long time to come.  Super useful for those of you with two-story homes that don’t want to schlep baby upstairs every time he needs to go down for a nap.  And Bruno can’t get inside (yet).

2.  Bouncer:  Mason’s bouncer lives on our kitchen table because it’s not huge but keeps him content while I cook dinner, load the dishwasher, eat breakfast, etc.  He’s getting big and wiggly enough that we probably won’t keep this on the table much longer but so far it’s been very helpful.  And when it’s on the table, it’s a great height for face-to-face interaction.

3.  Mobile:  Mason loves to stare at his mobile even when it’s not playing classical music and moving.  Our friend Kaitlin got it for us because her son loved it, even though it wasn’t the one we registered.  I’m so glad she did!

4.  Target Circo Clothes:  Part of this is just convenience because I’m at Target a lot but I really like Target’s Circo line of bodysuits, pants and sleepers.  They’re super-soft, tagless and come in great prints and colors.

5.  Flannel burp cloths:  My co-worker Chris made us a ton of burp cloths and I love them.  I’ve constantly got one on my shoulder or in my back pocket.  And I love that they’re home-made.  These aren’t the ones Chris made but this lady’s blog tells how to make them.

6.  Costco’s Kirkland baby wipes:  Cheap, unscented and they don’t come in a plastic dispenser so you can even carry a pack in your diaper bag.

7.  Milk storage organizer:  Yes, you could probably just keep it in some tupperwear.  But this milk storage organizer fits perfectly even in our crowded freezer so I don’t have to remove the ice cream, pot roast and frozen peaches just to make a bottle.

8.   The Baby Book:  I’ll say upfront that are some things in this book that we don’t follow (attachment parenting, co-sleeping, etc.).  But its a great handbook for learning about baby’s development, growth and what to do if it gets sick.  When I first had Mason, it was so helpful to read about how to take care of a newborn.

I also loved Dr. Sears’ The Pregnancy Book and The Birthing Book.  Another thanks to Kaitlin for tipping me off to this!

9.  Burt’s Bees Diaper Cream:  It smells good and works great.

10.  Medela Swing Breast Pump:  It can run on batteries or be plugged in and comes with a carrying case to keep all the little parts together.  Most importantly, it gets the job done. 

Two months of baby raising down.  We’re feeling pretty good!


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