I really don’t mind changing diapers.  Trimming fingernails is a much tougher and dangerous job.  Yes, I’ve been peed on countless times but it’s still not the worst thing in the world.

So far we have been using Pampers Swaddlers. 


I love them because they have a yellow stripe down the center front and back that turns blue when it’s wet.  Below Mason is modeling the size 1, featuring Big Bird.


BUT I have a huge complaint:  they don’t advertise on their packaging which Swaddlers have the stripe and which don’t.  So I just bought a 92-pack and they don’t have the stripe but there’s no way to tell from the outside. 

We are going to try cloth diapers from Seattle Diaper.  I have several friends who have used them and really loved them. They drop off new diapers once a week and you return your dirties, no scraping or washing required.  I tried them on Mason today but he did not like them. I think the outer wrap was too small and the velcro was scraping his legs.  We’ll try again tomorrow with a bigger wrap…


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