Bunnies Welcome!


There is this super-cute commercial showing a mom and kids making Rice Krispie easter eggs so I wanted to try it.  Matt & I made up our own recipe and used plastic easter eggs to mold them. It was a very messy process and we are sick of Rice Krispie treats now.  Mason was really excited for his first easter egg craft but then bailed at the last minute (nap time).


Yes, we are doing these at 10:30 at night. Crazy. No point in going to sleep now – the little boy will need to eat at 11.


Mason had a busy day, so I can’t blame him for crashing right before craft time.  We attempted to make it out of the house by 9 am to go to the Browns Point easter egg hunt but showed up a little late and it was already over. It didn’t really make sense to have a 2-1/2 week old’s pictures taken with some guy in a bunny costume in the parking lot so we didn’t stick around.

Next, we joined Grandma June, Aunt Sandy and Cousins Tiffany and Ellie for Gabe and Hunter’s swimming lessons.  They are little fishes and good swimmers.  Then we all went to McDonald’s — Gabe and Hunter recommend the apple pie.

Back home for a short nap and then a visit by aunties Chrissy and Jeannie.  We went for our first walk with the stroller, which Mason enjoyed.  He was wide awake for most of it, as you can kind of see.

Off to see what he’s up to … I hear squeaking.


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