More Mason


Right now, Mason is snuggled in Nana Kris’ arms while I type.  My mom has been such a huge help.  I try not to cry when I think about her leaving Wednesday.  I encourage Mason to smile and coo at her so she can’t resist staying. 🙂


He’s a very good sleeper during the day and getting better about night.  Not to jinx us, but last night was actually really good, so we’re very lucky considering he’s only 6 days old.  (6!? He’s almost a week old. Unbelievable.)

Mason is a hungry little hippo, and eating and growing really well.  We go back to the pediatrician on Wednesday to check his weight.

Matt is amazing – taking care of me and Mason and Bruno and himself and keeping the business running.

Other highlights…

  • Mom had to make an emergency run to the hardware store to get a toilet plunger. Fun with plumbing.
  • Mason gets circumcised and Bruno gets neutered on Thursday. Let the waterworks begin. Keep it together, Adrianne.
  • I had an amazing fajita burrito in the hospital.  Maybe I was just super-hungry but it was so good. I’d consider going out to dinner at St. Joe’s.
  • We’ve had lots of family and friends to visit Mason, including Great Grandma Williams and Great Grandma McElroy.

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